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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Brownsville Museum of Fine Arts

BISD Faculty Exhibition
Opening reception: Wednesday, October 1, 6-8pm
Public lecture: Thursday, October 9, 4-5pm

Brownsville Museum of Fine Art
660 E. Ringgold Street
Brownsville, Texas 78520

Check out recent Brownsville Herald Article....

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Art Review: Artwork of J.C. Miller- Haunted Exhibit

As I walked into the Rusteburg gallery, just pass the glass doors, it is precisely at this moment where I pay attention to my own first impression, and note on what grabs my attention, whether its the vibrant colors, a certain form , a line or even framing and matting, or perhaps the way the show was curated, in other words practically swallowing the exhibit in whole and see how it tastes.

I gotta tell you, first thing I noted was the size of the art work, which there is nothing wrong with size but it gave away to the question of the way the art was presented, would it have been better matted or un-matted or if the poster framing used was what shrunk the pieces even more. I think, and this is always argued,even I have been a victim of this over and over again, investing in framing is key, it is a sacrifice, but it is a rewarding sacrifice, it compliments the work and you can always, ask for a higher price if it is for sale, and or , you can always reuse the frames if not sold, or last option you can try to return them for your money back..nothing wrong with that, some stores will honor it. Presentation wise I did think it short ended the whole exhibit.

The art itself was, which is what I should be talking about anyways was a little questionable. I got the idea that scanner was being used as a tool , the same way we use a paint brush or camera, the images seemed simply done, I didn't feel the scanner was use to an advantage. The media, candle labels Catholic Saints,artificial flowers, crumpled paper,fabrics, some Buddhist or India and Greek or Roman ceramics, which all reminded me of dollar store items for some reason..Overall the images seemed dull, I didn't get to much of any strikingly vibrant colors, which I thought a scanner would represent well. The subject matter, the objects use to connect the viewer to your feelings or ideas seemed random and or of popular art culture pushing the work into psychedelic work, disconnecting me as a viewer to the artist, in a sense that the scanner is to much empowered and in control.

I thought about this one all last night, but in my opinion, looking at the art this is what I see if I was to break down the art into "what dominates the art" this is that I would grade it, 60% is the scanner,20% is the objects used, and 20% was creativity. It should be the other way around, the way I see it the whole purpose and beuty of making art is that the artist is in control. When I look at art I like to see that what dominates it is the ideas of the arts and techniques, at that point is not a matter of what media you used or what type of framing you did, you can not help escape that the artist idea and technique was good enough and nothing else mattered, or would of made a difference, hence the price of the artwork.

I would like to say for the artist if this was a test run and its your first time with scanogrophy, great, but I think there is much to be learn.

My opinion is based on my observation as a viewer to your art.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

12th Annual Brownsville Latin Jazz Festival

The Brownsville Society for the Performing Arts (BSPA) has announced its 12th Annual Brownsville Latin Jazz Festival, scheduled to take place this coming October 9 to 12, 2008 in Brownsville, Texas . For complete schedules, artist bios, line-ups, venue directions, table reservations, online tickets and our very popular hotel/ticket discount packages, visit, call 956-831-9590 or e-mail See attachment for more details.

Mexican or American or perhaps a mix of both..

I think it has always been said , usually in institutions such as schools or perhaps in the media, how in Brownsville:, perhaps because of our proximity to Mexico, or well not only that but most of Brownsvillians come from Mexican descent, :how influenced we are of the Mexican Culture. And that's great, but the well known flip to that is, we are also highly influence by the American Culture as well. A clear example of that can be seen in the obvious: the way people dress, choice of language or,beyond that, I would like to say our local Punk, Hardcore, Death Metal, Skateboard and Surf scene that has been around perhaps since before the mid 80's...not forgetting MTV Rap and the thug life out there. How American or Mexican is the direction of our infrastructure, given that this is the mid point of where two giant cultures meet ina physical proximity ? Cut out all the Stripes Gasoline Stations, all the big retail commerce around Sunrise Mall, blank out the WalMarts and what do we have left ?

Well the answer I am looking for is not poverty...

You may say to yourself, "well its a new wave thing ", or why is he talking about this, well I don't know yet, but I beg to differ. I think perhaps it may all date back to the Vietnam war, when a lot of local service men, Mexican-American, White, Blacks traveled together in a brotherhood around the world and brought back a piece of each other.( Just to throw this out there SUPPORT VETERANS HOSPITAL) I'm no historian, I am rolling the dice on this one, it must be a great thing to watch Mexican and American Television Networks, Mexican and American POP Culture and get it. To understand the movies of Pedro Infante and turn around at the same time and understand the lyrics and feel the music of Jim Morrison and The Doors. And don't get me started on Break dancing, I know there was a scene..I would go back to the Homer Hanna year book or our first Brownsville high school year books and check out what kids were like back then, that should give clues..
Who was the first person to get on a surfboard and surf the waves of South Padre Island and or Boca Chica Beach and when ? Who was the first person to skate down our historical downtown Elizabeth Street ? Who build the first half pipe or quarter pipe in Brownsville? What was the name of the first punk rock band formed in Brownsville and who were the members ?

By the way anyone know who was the first local painter to a exhibit a one man show in Brownsville, when and where was the exhibit ? Who was the first artist painter to make the cover of our local Brownsville Herald ?


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Texas Commission on the Arts


Greetings from the Texas Commission on the Arts!

TCA has opened the call for nominations for Texas State Poet Laureate, Musician, Visual Artist 2-D, and Visual Artist 3-D. TCA oversees the selection process for the four positions, created by S.B. 1043 of the 77th Legislature, and we would really appreciate your help in getting the word out about this opportunity. If you know of a qualified candidate, please make a nomination.

Detailed information and the online nomination form are available on the TCA website at:

Deadline for receipt of nominations is October 5th.

The Texas Poet Laureate, State Musician and State Artist Committee, composed of members appointed by the Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Speaker of the House of Representatives, will make the final selections sometime in the spring of 2009 when the 81st Legislature convenes.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for your help!
Gaye Greever McElwain
Director of Marketing and Development
Texas Commission on the Arts

A day in the Life - Ernesto Garcia Cabral


STC Library Art Gallery
Pecan Campus – McAllen

Proudly Presents

“A Day in the Life: Comic Illustrations and Cinema Prints by Ernesto García Cabral”
September 18 - October 17, 2008

Thursday, September 18, 2008
Art Lecture – 6-7pm, Library, rm. F-102
Opening Reception– 7-9 pm, Library Art Gallery
light refreshments & music provided!!
Free Admission!
For more information call 956-872-3488, or visit

STC Library Art Gallery
Art for Learning, Art for Life!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Galerîa 409 invites you to the opening of an exhibition
of paintings by Franchute, with a reception for the
artist beginning at 6:00 p.m. Tuesday, September 16th.
Franchute, a Matamoros native paints in a colorful but
sophisticated international style that resonates with
the artist love of European and Mexican culture and
art history.

Galerîa 409 is located at 409 East 13th Street in
historic Brownsville, Texas. Gallery hours are
Wednesday - Saturday from 12:00 - 5:00 p.m. and
admission is free. For additional information
call 956 455 3599.

Noche de Peña VI starts at 7:30 pm on Tuesday,
September 23rd.
Rev. Dr. Starship - Originals
Rumbo al Anacua - North of the Border Originals
The G Man Band - Pop Rock Originals
Ensamble la Misîon - World Music / Art Song
$5.00 admission includes snacks/beverage

The Political Art World

What is art if not a commodity ? Perhaps its easy to exploit the art world, even more perhaps in a city such as ours. What artist does not believe in museums political games? With paintings made by local artist valued and perhaps selling at $300.00 to $5000.00 a piece, what gallery or museum wouldn't want a 20 to 30 percent piece of that? State funding, local funding , tax payers in the loop, its an educational cover and underneath its skin the starving artist.

Can anyone be an artist, and how do you price your art and why ? Its easy to make believe your art is $2000.00, its perhaps as easy as finding a buyer who believes its worth much more? Art is funny that way.. Splitter splatter a ten minute master piece. Want a series ? Splitter splatter some more, 20 imitations of the first splitter splatter. Can you define your art or is it too complex and how do you price it then ? How long will it last, is it of the highest quality ?

I am a famous painter, like it says in my my space page.

Art openings seem to be great only until the bottles of wine run dry yet so many out there fanatics of the art world who've never bought a single piece of original art.

Support your local artist......he he

by Rolling Tomato

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Art of Brownsville

For those of you still asking the question, "what now?, Mayra is gone.. boohoo" well cheer up my dear ol freinds The Art of Brownsville, will continue.. I have no doubt, you will continue to visit and support. Lets all wish Mayra the best of luck in her new ventures.... that must of been one tough first week of school....

Continue sending your press releases for your local art shows, "JPEG" please ready for copy and paste.. poems, pictures , etc.....don't make my life any harder than it is, or i'll quit too,,eh eh just kidding..

I will continue posting as usual and invite others to do so as well. Your comments are always welcomed and encouraged.

The Art of Brownsville will celebrate its 5th anniversary and has the support of Galeria 409 Mark Clark to host a party for the cause November 29, Saturday night at the Galeria...
When I say The Art of Brownsville that means you, all you readers and artist that have contributed to the blog, to the art scene, and most of all to our neighboring cities of the Rio Grande Valley without borders.



Brownsville Independent School District
Department of Fine Arts

Brownsville Museum
of Fine Art
660 E. Ringgold St.
Brownsville, Texas
October 1-11, 2008

BISD faculty
and staff are
welcome to

For more information, call Marsha L. Betancourt,
Supervisor of Visual Arts (956) 698-0193 or (956) 982-3730

"The Rise of Joe's on the Blvd." by William Torres

Bring On The Shows At Joe's, Joe's on the Blvd. is hosting another hardcore, show in Brownsville on September 19th 2008: Acts include Panteon, the Rejected, and Soul Twist.

In my opinion Panteon and the Rejected are two of the best original bands to ever be born of Brownsville, Texas. Soul Twist is an up and coming band whose members have over fifteen years of music experience, and are expected to be quite the contender when it comes to hardcore, original, music, born and bred in Brownsville, Texas.

While other venues have decided to ignore the hardcore scene, and the deprevity of the hardcore people in Brownsville, Joe's is taking a chance and it seems to be paying off for everyone involved. "It's time to try something different", says Ruben, owner of Joe's on the Blvd..

"While the hardcore scene may not be new to Brownsville, local bands and bar owner's maybe taking note to the closing of (Chapa's Bar, and The Pit), and perhaps now been looking for a new venue",says Ronnie Gonzalez, of the Rejected.

Joe's offers a different atmosphere than any other place in Brownsville. It's outdoors and has an Austin, feel to it, that I like, that other venues can't offer. Joe's on the Blvd. intends to offer competitive pay for bands that can draw the crowds, and plans to do it without ever charging cover. Bands around town are hard at work practicing and getting better everyday. It is a new day in Brownsville thanks to places like Joe's, others are sure to follow which is a very good thing for everyone. Believe it or not, the city as a whole does better when the local bars are doing well with sales.

It's my opinion that the city should do more to invest in larger venues and allow concerts in parks and such. If you feel the same, contact Chris Patterson at Parks and Recreation(956-455-7729) I'm sure he'd love to hear from you. The market is huge and it's getting larger everyday. "They can spend time with they're corporate ventures", we'll keep giving the people what they want, something pure, something true, something unforgettable. BROWNSVILLE, TEXAS, HARDCORE!!

Some would argue that what we are doing is anything but ART. Well my friends, if you've ever painted a picture while feeling sad and consumed by pain; if you've ever splattered paint on a canvas while being overwhelmed by anger; if you've ever written a poem about life while being influenced by the confusion around you; if you've ever dared to speak up and out against the norm; well my friends, you too, are Hardcore. Appreciate other forms of art. Come check out a show at Joe's.

For more info about the hardcore scene in Brownsville, call TnT Productions of South Texas at 956.640.1491

Tune in for more Shows at Joe's. On the 26th it's Metal, Metal, and more Metal with Spiral Fire, Hybrid and Grace of Terror. Coming in October, The Sweethearts, Back to Riverdale, and Redemtion by Cutting Fist. That's going to be one Hardcore Punk Rock show. How will you express yourself today?


Sept. 7 : Art in the Park-Amigos Artistas

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Haunted:Artwork of J.C. Miller

The Art Gallery in the Rusteberg Building at UTB/TSC
Haunted: Artwork of J.C. Miller

Brownsville, TX – The Art Gallery in the Rusteberg Building is proud to present “Haunted: Artworks of J.C. Miller.”

· Opening reception, Tuesday, September 9, 2008, 6:30- 8:30 PM
· The Art Gallery in the Rusteberg Building at UTB/TSC
· Exhibition runs from September 9 to September 27, 2008
· Admission: $1.00
· Semester Passes: $3.00
· All Art Majors: Free admission

Gallery Hours:

Mondays to Thursdays
1:30 PM – 7:00 PM

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Closed Holidays and between shows

For more information, please contact Marivel Graham at or call (956) 882-7097. Please check out our website

Artist’s Statement

My work is how I deal with life, from expressing my love to dealing with pain. I have leaned on my artwork to cope with losing loved ones to contemplating the reason for my existence. I create artwork by looking at or hearing ideas that seem apart from the harmony of its surroundings. A misprint in the newspaper or a breaking of a satellite image gives me the spark that kindles a series of pencil and ink sketches, then a set of paintings or scans.

My recent work has been influenced by technology, from sonograms to digital imagery. The retrieval of images and how they are perceived is what I take to ideas that have haunted my imagination for years.
I have endlessly explored the theme of mother and child, music and drama, life and death. Scanography has allowed to explore these concepts and give them new meanings through distortion. In turn, the use of this technology has influenced how I present ideas with traditional mediums such oil painting and pencil drawing. I hope that my work allows the viewer to find personal meaning and worth.

James C. Miller

Monday, September 01, 2008

A TAOB Team Member Makes Her Exit

Dear TAOB Readers:

It grieves me to say that this is my last post as an official member of the TAOB team. I am more than sorry to say that I am taking this exit after nearly five years but alas; life is pulling me in a different direction. As passionate as I am about promoting and advocating our local arts and culture, teaching and my students are taking a bigger place in my heart, thus a bigger chunk of my time and energy. I have sincerely tried to manage my time in many different ways to make time for the blog, and for teaching and for the many projects I was trying to juggle; but as I grow life is proving to be more complicated where yes, priorities have to be set and sadly one has to be selective of the various desires of one's heart. I know it sounds incredibly pessimistic; to not pursue all the desires of your heart (at least not at the same time), but it’s also realistic. For the sake of my health and for peace of mind, I am cutting some cords and trying to simplify what I dedicate my time to as well as enjoy more of it with my family, for my art and myself. At this point in my life, I would rather be the best teacher I could be than be a mediocre teacher and a mediocre blogger.

As far as teaching goes, it has been the most challenging but also most educational experience of my life. And I am so happy to say that after my rookie year, I am loving my 2nd year experience. Yes, the same challenges are there, but I have learned to deal with them differently and I am sure there will be more lessons to learn, new challenges to meet. But it's worth it because my students are worth it! Right now, I cannot think of a better feeling than when you open students' minds to new ideas and concepts and when you see them apply it and take it to heart. It is an impression they will take with them for the rest of their lives and God knowing, so many young people need more positive impressions in their lives, to help them make better decisions.

So with all this in mind and close to heart, I write this exit. This blog has become more than I could have ever imagined when it was first born out of an idea for a computer class assignment from my small apartment in Austin, Texas. I have been able to connect with many great individuals who have passion for art and culture and especially for the Brownsville/RGV/Mexico frontera. I have been able to meet and make friends with people from our local communities as well across the nation and across the world. I have seen many good things evolve out of these connections such as collaborations, activities and the sharing and exchange of thoughts and ideas. And I am especially glad to say that the blog will continue to play witness to this. Even though I take my exit, The Art of Brownsville will continue under the direction of local artist Gabriel Treviño. I want to thank Gabriel for his contributions to the blog and it brings me much joy and relief to know that the mission of the blog will continue.

Keep an eye out for more posts about next week's "Art in the Park" by local organization Amigos Artistas on Sunday, September 7th at Ringgold Pavilion as Dean Porter Park. Also look forward to coverage of the Brownsville Museum of Fine Art's Joaquin Quintana Garcia exhibition and the BISD Faculty Art Show, also to be at the BMFA. And for sure, mark your calendars to celebrate The Art of Brownsville's 5th Anniversary at Gallery 409 on Saturday, November 29th!

So there is still much more to expect from The Art of Brownsville and I look forward to seeing its development and evolution. I encourage all those who may be interested in contributing by becoming an established member of the TAOB team and helping run “the behind the scenes” of the blog, or would just like to contribute articles from time to time, to contact Gabriel Treviño at

Thanks again for everything readers and for visiting this site these almost past five years and for coming back time again. As I close this chapter in my life, The Art of Brownsville is just in the beginning of its own journey! QUE VIVA EL ARTE! QUE VIVA TAOB!

With love and appreciation,

Mayra Cruz

Art by Rosendo Sandoval - Title:"La que bailo con el diablo " contact:

Art by Rosendo Sandoval - Title:"La que bailo con el diablo " contact:

Historic Brownsville Museum